February 27, 2006

A note of caution

Based on their constitution, which country is this?

  • A country with universal suffrage, everybody over the age of 18 gets to vote for their representatives by secret ballot.
  • A country where no person may be placed under arrest without the sanction of a court or prosecutor.
  • There is freedom of speech.
  • There is freedom of the press.
  • There is freedom of assembly, including the holding of mass meetings.
  • There is freedom of street processions and demonstrations.
  • A country where the citizens privacy is protected by the constitution, where the inviolability of their homes and correspondence are protected by law.
  • Judges are independent and subject only to the law.
  • Where church and state are separated, freedom to religious worship or abstinence from it is guaranteed by the constitution.
  • A federal country where every constituent state has the right to freely seceede from the union.

  • Yes that right. It's the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin, the biggest mass murderer of the twentieth century. Which goes to show that there is more to how a country is governed by what is, or is not, in the constitution.


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